Adult Education

Adult Registration for Sacraments:

FINAL registration for Adults (18 years old by November and older) who wish to receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation) is from August 14 th to August 23 rd . For those who have already registered, ALL paper work is due as soon as possible and DEADLINE for ALL paperwork from everybody is August 23 rd . Anyone who is planning Marriage in the next two years needs to be Confirmed, so, please plan ahead! To register or for more information please call Sr. Madeline 760-945-8040 for an appointment.

Sessions start in September.

  If you need Baptism, Confirmation or Holy Communion and are not yet registered, please call 760-945-8040 to set up an appointment to register on or before the deadline.

All paperwork is due by that date. Any Questions call the number above


Download the RCIA form


Sponsors Needed for RCIA

What a privilege and a wonderful experience to be a soul friend to someone who is being initiated into the Church.  We have candidates who have no family members that are catholic and we are praying for good stewards to come forward to share their faith with our new members. We need ordinary faith filled people who are in love with Jesus and are willing to walk the walk with our newcomers as they journey to the Easter Vigil. If you want to gift us with your presence, time and talent, please call us at 760- 945-8040.  “The gift you have received, give as a gift” Thank You!

Pre-Baptismal – On a regular basis, leaders conduct classes for parents and god-parents preparing for the baptism of an infant.