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Franciscan School of Theology

Posted by Judy McDonald on 6/08/17

There will be an OPEN HOUSE for the FRANCISCAN SCHOOL of THEOLOGY in San Luis Rey on JUNE 22nd 

Everyone is welcome!


Posted by Judy McDonald on 6/08/17

If anyone is interested in volunteering to bring someone to  Mass on Sunday, please call (760) 945 -8040. 

Thank you in advance for your stewardship

Read Your Way To Heaven

Posted by Judy McDonald on 5/22/17

In her current bestselling book, “How to read your way to Heaven”, Vicki Burback outlines a 1-5-year program of spiritual reading starting with scripture (the Bible), the catechism and some 100 books by the world’s best Catholic/Christian writers.

Although no guarantee of a destination in paradise, like chicken soup, ... Read More »


Posted by Judy McDonald on 5/06/17

We are in need of stewards to bring Holy Communion to our brothers and sisters who are unable to be with us to Celebrate Mass on Sundays due to sickness, ill health or age. What a privilege it is to be a part of this ministry? As a committed ... Read More »


Posted by Judy McDonald on 5/06/17

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 – 9 pm, we need stewards for jail ministry.

What we do is beak open the Gospel reading for the following Sunday, we listen, and we have prayer, praise and song. We are scheduled as partners and we share the ministry.

Stewards ... Read More »


Posted by Judy McDonald on 4/24/17


May 8th 2017, School Room 7 at 7pm

Session One: God’s Dream of the Kingdom and

                             Ten Attitudes for Discernment

 June 5th 2017, School Room 7 at 7pm

Session Two: Listening; The Heart of Discernment and

                             A Discerning Lifestyle

 June 26th 2017, School Room ... Read More »

Washing of Feet Ministry

Posted by Judy McDonald on 8/25/16

WASHING OF FEET MINISTRYAll Christians are called to be holy, called to serve and not to be served. In our society, wherever we turn; there are malls and shopping centers with colorful signs that say: “ Our business is to serve you “, enterprises of various kinds, not only ... Read More »

Reminder of administrative procedures at St. Francis Church

Posted by Judy McDonald on 7/25/16

Please register at our parish office.

Please use your Parish envelopes.

When making a donation, please mark the amount enclosed on the envelope.

If your offering is for more than one week, please use one envelope.

If at the time of your offering, your envelope is unavailable, please write ... Read More »

Thank You!

Posted by Judy McDonald on 7/12/16

Special note of thanks to those who have placed the beautiful new tile in our sanctuary,

Jose Luis Aguirre,

José Rojas,

Daniel Sánchez y su esposa Julie,

Pedro Hernández,

José Maldonado,

Alejandro García,

Manuel Texcahua,

Alejandro García

Sacramental Prep

Posted by Judy McDonald on 7/12/16

Sacramental Preparation Registration is still available for first year catechism in English on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:45 p.m. Spanish on Saturdays for first year is closed. Still waiting for families to register their children for the second year catechism in English on Thursdays from 4:30-5:45 p.m. and Saturdays from 11:00 ... Read More »