Ministries - Liturgy - Hospitality

Each human being has an incalculable value for the Lord. According to Him, we are the most important of all His creations. Do we value each person like God values him /her?

That is the essence of the Ministry of Hospitality; to value each and every person like God does and to do all that is within our reach to help each person realize how important and precious he/she is to the eyes of our Lord. In this way, a minister of hospitality is an ambassador of Christ.

One of the many virtues that our Lord Jesus Christ showed us while he walked amongst us, was his desire to serve instead of being served. The Ministry of Hospitality works in this same way. This ministry is only for those individuals that have the same spirit of service that Jesus had.

If you would like to learn how you can be part of this ministry please contact Liturgy Office, 760-945-8013.