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Proclaimers of the Word (Readers/Lectors)

The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a ministry of the Church. The Readers present the living Word of God to the gathered assembly of the community of faith. “When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself is speaking to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, is proclaiming the gospel.”


For this reason, the ministry of the Word should be treated with great dignity. For the faithful to acquire a living affection to Sacred Scriptures by listening to these Divine Readings, it is necessary that the Readers who carry out this ministry, are competent and carefully prepared. “It is not enough that the biblical passages are read in the vernacular if they are not also proclaimed with the care, preparation, devout attention and meditative silence that enable the Word of God to touch people’s minds and hearts". – St. John Paul II, Pope, Mane Nobiscum Domine (13)

The Ministry of the Word requires an understanding of the Scriptures, knowledge of the principles of the Liturgy, and the ability to read in public. The Readers must be practicing Catholics, fully initiated in the Church, properly trained and their lives should be a living testimony of the word they proclaim.

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