Ministries - To the Sick

Visitation While in the Hospital

Important notice to all Parishioners and Visitors:
When admitted to the Hospital or Nursing Homes, please register as a Catholic. The Hospital or Nursing Homes do not give out information on patients without their permission, to protect their privacy. These facilities give us a list when we go to bring Communion to the sick and we cannot visit anyone, whose name is not on the list.

Please make certain that any of your friends or family who go to Tri-City Hospital understand that unless they write down with the nurses when they are being admitted that they are Catholics and might want to see a priest and might want to see a Eucharistic minister, no one will be allowed in.

Ministry to the sick includes the home bound, convalescing, and hospital patients. Our team visits and prays with the sick and brings to them, the Holy Eucharist.

It is a commitment of about two hours once a week for hospital and nursing home visits after the 8am Mass and about two hours as scheduled every couple of weeks for the home bound ministry after the 7:00 a.m and 9:00 a.m Masses on Sunday.

We need all the help we can get so please pray if this ministry is for you. Step out in faith and God will do the rest. One of our corporal works of mercy “When I was sick you came to visit me” Did You?

For more information or if you have a Catholic loved one who is ill or in a nursing home that would like for us to pay regular visits and share the Word, please contact Sr. Madeline at 760-945-8040 [email protected]

For emergency Annointing of the Sick please call the front office (760)945-8000

In the Spring of each year the Clergy are scheduled to do the Annointing of the Sick For the home bound and Nursing Homes.