Reminder of administrative procedures at St. Francis Church

Jul 25, 2016

Please register at our parish office.

Please use your Parish envelopes.

When making a donation, please mark the amount enclosed on the envelope.

If your offering is for more than one week, please use one envelope.

If at the time of your offering, your envelope is unavailable, please write your envelope number as a Memo item on your check.

If your financial situation is such that you cannot make a donation, put the empty envelope in the collection basket anyway to let us know that you were indeed present at Mass.


Baptisms are held on the 4th Saturday of each month . Baptism is a  communal Sacrament and not private. Parents are required to be  registered as parishioners, and be participating members of our community for three months. Attending Mass does not make you  registered! Both parents and godparents are require d to attend the Baptismal Class.To schedule a Baptism and/or register for the Baptismal Class, please contact the Sr. Madeline Fitzgerald at  (760) 945 8040; after August 7th. 


All couples wishing to be married at St. Francis of Assisi, must be registered, active and participating members of our  parish community for three months before setting a date. Couples are asked to allow six to twelve months to complete the marriage preparation program. Please call the parish office (760)945-8000 to make  arrangements.