Re-Opening Masses


Sunday and Daily Mass Schedule

Dear St Francis Community,

I am very excited to inform you that we are opening our Church for public Mass on June 13th and 14th, 2020.  Please be advised that this reopening to celebrate the Eucharist will bring some changes and things will be different to how we are accustomed.  I will need your full understanding, support, and collaboration on this.  This reopening may take a process through different stages. The State and local government agencies will monitor the process. They will let us know when we have reached the final stage.  This reopening will require our serious commitment to comply with the requirements stipulated by the State of California COVID 19 regulations; otherwise, we may be closed again.

Your safety and wellbeing are vital to us. Please be mindful of the following guidelines to protect you and protect the members of our church community:

  1. If you experience any kind of health issue, especially with a fever, please stay at home and pray with us at our online Masses.
  2. If you are coming to Mass, facemasks must always be worn while on Church premises. Those without masks will be denied access to the church and outdoor services. We apologize, beforehand, for any inconvenience. Facemasks can only be removed when receiving communion, and they must be placed back on face after receiving.
  3. Keep your hands clean and sanitized. Please bring your hand-sanitizer.
  4. On weekends, we will be celebrating Mass in the Church, on the school grounds and the school parking lot. Daily Mass will be celebrated at the church. Please check Mass schedule at the end of this letter.
  5. This reopening process will have different phases. At this first phase, our maximum capacity designated by the government authorities is 100 per service. We are offering different options for you so if you are coming to St. Francis Church for Mass, you can decide what best suits you. Please be advised that once we reach the maximum capacity at the church and outdoor Masses, we will ask you to return at another time. Please see Mass schedule at the end of this letter to plan.
  6. There will be no open seating. All seating will be designated and directed by our Ministers of Hospitality on a first-come-first serve basis to guarantee social distancing. Once the maximum occupancy of 100 has been reached, you will be requested to return for the next service. Please show your respect and support to our ushers. Please be mindful that they are following the Pastor´s instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at the parish office at 760-945-8013 / 760-945-8000. We need your cooperation with this.
  7. For outdoor Mass celebrations, seating will be designated for families, couples and singles attending Mass. Visible marks will be placed on the ground to identify the seating areas. Please watch over your children that they may not leave your seating area. They can be at risk of contamination. You will need to bring your chair and umbrella for outdoor services. Please dress casual and comfortable it is recommended that you wear tennis shoes. Be advised that you may get dirt in your shoes and on your clothing in the outdoor Mass area.  We advise you to arrive 45 minutes before Mass.
  8. There will be no handshaking, hugs, or kissing for the sign of peace among the Mass attendants. You can wave or make a sign of reverence to those around you. Please do not move from your assigned seating place.
  9. Church and outdoor worship areas may be closed between services for cleaning and preparation for the following Mass. You can only enter the place of worship by the direction of a Minister of Hospitality who will direct you to your assigned seat.
  10. If you are attending Mass at the Church, please be advised that the Cry room (area reserved for families with small children and the restroom will be closed to the public to avoid contamination. Please anticipate going to the restroom before coming to church.  If you have an emergency, please contact a Hospitality Minister.
  11. There will be no singing to avoid contamination by projecting saliva into the environment.
  12. The reception of the Blood of Christ will be suspended. Only the Body of Christ will be given.
  13. Distribution of Communion will take place after the final blessing in Mass. Communion will be distributed on the hand only. No exceptions. Please be mindful of the risk of contamination. We need to safeguard the health of our brothers and sisters.
  14. At outdoor services, Holy Communion will be distributed where you are sitting. There will be no lines for reception to limit movement in the area of worship and to avoid congestion. In the Church it will be distributed as you leave, please pick up your belongings and a Minister of Hospitality will direct you.
  15. Communion reception will be directed by Ministers of Hospitably.
  16. There must not be any gatherings in church areas, parking lots, or outdoor worship places before or after Mass to avoid contagion.
  17. You may deposit your offering at the deposit boxes located at each entrance of the Church and by the front door of the parish office. At outdoor Masses, we will have a basket at the exit for you to deposit your offering. Another alternative may you may want to consider is making your offering online or mail your envelope to our Church at 525 Vista Way, Vista, CA. 92083. If you need any assistance, please call us at the parish office.
  18. Confessions and counseling may be made by appointment only at the parish office.
  19. Sacrament of the Sick may be received at the parish office. Some conditions may be applied due to COVID-19 regulation. Please call us at the Parish Office if you have any questions: (760) 945-8013 or (760) 945-8000.

Bishop Robert McElroy has temporarily dispensed all faithful from the Diocese of San Diego from Sunday Mass obligation due to COVID-19. Which means that you are not obligated to come to Mass on Sunday. You can continue watching online and T.V. Masses at your convenience. If you have the desire to come to Mass, you are most welcome to come to any of the Masses offered. Please see Mass schedule. If possible, we advise you to come to one daily Mass instead of Sunday Mass due to the large size of our parish community. It is important to be mindful of others. Please do not come to all the Sunday Masses or every day to daily Mass,

because you may take the place of others who also want to come. One Mass a week would be more than sufficient at this time of reopening.

Online Masses will continue to be offered seven days a week in English and Spanish. We will broadcast live English Mass at 8 a.m. and Spanish at 6 p.m.  If you feel that you are not ready to come to Church, it´s ok. Stay at home. This is the first phase of reopening. You can join us at the conclusion of this process.


This first phase has a lot of challenges. Please be aware that it will take us some time to get familiar with the recommended liturgical changes and with the State and local restrictions. For this reason, we will postpone the celebration of First Communions, Marriages, Baptisms, Quinceñeras, and other special ceremonies. We will keep you informed about these celebrations as we move forward to the next opening phase. We highly appreciate your patience and support.

I trust in the Lord that we will move forward with your collaboration and make of this transition a time to reconnect with one another as a community of worship and prayer. May the Holy Spirit strengthen you and give you the abundance of His grace.



Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Ruben Arceo